We love our new room. We can enjoy sitting outside now without being feasted upon by mosquitoes! QC were very professional and a pleasure to deal with. Installation was timely and they were readily available when needed. The finished product oozes quality. Definitely worth it.

Basem Elbarouni & Saham Karmos
Winnipeg, Manitoba

aubinWe are so happy with our new room! The work crew was impressive with their organization, implementation and clean up. We absolutely love the openness of the screen room and the protection from the elements. Attention to detail in design is very much appreciated. After years of broken and useless screen tents and enclosures we are thrilled with
the new room from Travis and his company. In the long run this will save us a lot of money and frustration!

Gerry and Gail Aubin
Carmen, Manitoba

We love our screened garage door. It’s given us a whole new area for the summer! The installation crew were very prompt and professional and everything was cleaned up after the installation. Worth every cent!!!

Don Graydon and Georgie Bell
Morris, Manitoba

Hi, we had our 16 X 40 enclosed deck finished by Travis and his crew last summer and we love the product. They were clean and professional and did not leave a mess as we went on with our everyday lives like they were not there. The deck was not perfectly square and had many challenging little corners and different size windows that they worked through and resolved. In the summer and last fall we had many enjoyable evenings with family and friends that would of not been possible before due to mosquitoes, wind, dust, and everything else the prairies has to throw at you. The product is incredible and has made our back deck the room to be in, in winter we have a hut tub on the deck but barely used it due to how cold it is to get into it. This winter we used it every week and the enclosure makes a big difference especially with the wind being a non issue. This is one of the best investments on our house that we have done for peace and quite and time to spend with friends and family. We look forward to this our second summer and thank QC quality Concepts for our own private little piece of heaven in our back yard.

Yves and Louise Maynard
St Malo, Manitoba

On site, efficient quality workmanship – – – We can now enjoy Manitoba summer evenings OUTSIDE.

Mark and Bonnie Thiessen
Rosenort, Manitoba

We have thoroughly enjoyed our new screen gazebo you built for us. We spend most of the summer in it. We can finally enjoy the outdoors bug free! Your company was a pleasure to deal with and the follow up service was excellent! Thank you!

Ryan and Sandra Friesen
Rosenort, Manitoba

The professional service we received from the QC team was exceptional. The personal service through our experience exceeded our expectations. Travis and Ron’s team created an everlasting experience that we will never forget. We are so happy we chose QC for this project. We will continue to use QC for our future projects, as we have developed a trusted working relationship based on the dependable representation and integrity of QC.

Shawn and Janice Graydon
Morris, Manitoba

Our experience with the QC Crew was quite enjoyable! From our initial quote to product installation, the QC Crew was professional, efficient and provided top notch customer service. We’ve been truly satisfied with the finished product and its operation and highly recommend QC to our friends and family!

Denis and Nicole Vielfaure
LaBroquerie, Manitoba

Quality Concepts is owned and operated by the Dreger family and I have known and dealt with 3 generations starting with Harvey, Ron and now Travis. Every transaction with them has been positive and it can be summarized by saying that a handshake agreement is all that is required when dealing with a Dreger.

Gerry Guillou
Winnipeg, Manitoba