Motorized Screens

A motorized screen enclosure is a great way to create additional space for the summer weather while enhancing the beauty of your home. Our garage options include Electric Roll-up Units. Colours available for the frame are white, bronze, beige, and ivory.

  • Turn your garage into a screen room / mosquito free workspace.
  • Mounted on the exterior of the house above the garage door so clearance remains the same.
  • Works by a remote control from your vehicle.
  • Available for inside or outside mount.
  • Maximum door width is 21 feet.

Colour Options

Four standard colours are available for your hood and side rails.
  • Beige

  • Ivory

  • White

  • Bronze

Screen Options

Screen colours available are: black tuff screen, beige, stucco, and others by custom order.


Control your environment by deciding when you need bug protection, extra shade, or privacy. At the touch of a button your motorized screen can roll down to enclose your space.


Motorized screens are great for insect control within your home or business.

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