Do-It-Yourself Gazebo

Get the same high quality aluminum screen room product in a more economical fashion. Save money on your beautiful screen room by doing your own assembly of your pre-fabricated gazebo kit.

  • Assemble your gazebo quickly and easily with a friend.
  • Your choice of 2 Do it Yourself Kits.
  • Can anchor to deck, concrete, or grass.
  • Can be dismantled and moved easily.
  • Roof is designed to be easily removed for winter.
  • Ability to have a fireplace inside your screen room.
  • Free delivery within Winnipeg.
Oblonggazebo size

Customizable roof

Options for screen roof or rain-proof vinyl roof (available in different colours), or a combination of the two. The roof is designed to be easily removed for winter.

Solid value

Choose a 16 foot octagon gazebo for $5,600 or a 20.5 x 14.5 foot oblong gazebo for $7,600. Installation by Quality Concepts crew is available upon request.