Can I barbecue in my gazebo?

Yes, but only if you exercise caution and move the barbecue away from the screen, allowing a safe amount of space.

Can I have a fire place in my screen room?

Yes, but only if your floor is of a non-flammable material, and if there is a deflective cover over the fire place as you cannot have an open fire. Even with a non-flammable floor, and with a deflective cover, you must still use caution in having the fire a safe distance away from the house.

Can the structure be painted after installation?

The product comes with a beautiful powder coat finish which is not meant to be painted over top of. We do not recommend you to paint the structure after the installation.

Can these structures withstand a heavy snow-load?

Our unique design provides the perfect solution for combating winter’s snow-load and Canada’s weather conditions.

Does the screen reduce windiness when inside?

Yes, on very windy days it can seem quite calm inside of the screen structure. The screen blocks an approximate 35-40% of the wind.

How tough is the screen?

We use a highly durable fiberglass mesh screen. The mesh is .013” yarn diameter and is coated with plasticized polyvinyl chloride. For fire retardancy – the screen extinguishes within 10 seconds.

Is bronze the only colour for screen room framing?

Yes it is. The two colours this product comes in are white and bronze, however, we do not stock as much variety of the white material due to lower demand for white framed screen rooms.

What happens if my screen becomes damaged and needs replacing?

Each panel is individual and can be replaced quickly and easily.